The Bree Jonson Advocacy & Foundation (BJAF)

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Becoming comfortable with Bree Jonson’s sudden passing in 2021 is an impossible feat. At the cusp of a flourishing art career that bore a string of solo exhibitions, group shows, international invitations, and an anticipated coastal residency that would have seen Jonson leading an immersive expedition—like a shepherd to her tended herd—her abrupt departure has left much of Jonson’s other desires unfulfilled.

Over and above her visual artistry that delved into anthropomorphism, womanhood and the endless seesaw of the human condition, Jonson dreamt of her convictions materializing beyond her medium. Her yearning to explore different means to tackle alternative art education, social justice, environmental conservation and corporate change through culture has always been inherent.

A series of fundraising affairs to pursue the incorporation of The Bree Jonson Advocacy & Foundation (BJAF) and begin programs rooted in Jonson’s personal causes are set to take place­ in 2022, with its founders seeking support and patronage for its sustenance and longevity.

In an effort to commemorate her memory, protect her estate, and continue her legacy, Jonson’s friends, family, and colleagues are about to take on the journey, always envisioning Jonson as the leader of the pack. Though the road ahead may mirror an abyss, it is also an affectionate commitment to stare back and take hold.