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Environment is everything that is, everything there is, without us. It is the natural world that includes both living and nonliving. Our affinities to it span across history, technology, culture, and heredity. It is something that has shaped us and the other things around us.

We now have come to a point where (we realize that) we are also shaping it.

My work as an artist is centered on the relationship between ‘man’ and ‘environment’ -that in there lies a dichotomy: on one hand interconnectedness, and the other alienation. I create work that critiques these two opposite states:

To challenge how the viewer sees oneself in relationship to other things aside from oneself

To probe the relationship we have with our environment, how this relationship has changed over the years and where it will be going

To reinterpret narratives both personal and external to promote self-othering: self being man and other being nature

Or simply put, to be more empathic about the environment and to actively decide this relationship should go.

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Pink ocean is inspired from Tarkovsky’s Solaris, a living, breathing ocean that has a psychological effect to those near it. An object both of wonder and monstrosity, it brings up repressed memories of those who seek it.

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